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Smart Card Supply and Personalisation Service

Including contact memory, microprocessor, dual and contactless chip cards.
Offering security, power and usability.  If you do chose a smart card, we specialise in the provision, advice, the card and subsequent personalisation.

Plastic Smart Cards… “Contact” with a Surface Chip or “Contactless” (RFID)?

Whether you are looking for 4442/4428 or Mifare 1k/4k, we’ve got smart cards to suit you.

Smart cards and their corresponding technology are rising in popularity due to their versatility and robustness, and the global smart card market has witnessed continuous growth during the past few years.

These cards have the ability to easily manage, store, protect and provide access to highly secure data, while readers are relatively maintenance free and work in difficult environments, remaining unaffected by humidity or adverse conditions such as ski lifts or car park payment points.

Smart cards, unlike magnetic strips on cards, can carry all necessary functions and information on the card as part of the functionality of the actual chip. Therefore, they do not require access to remote databases or on line systems at the time of the transaction or interaction. Not only is the encrypted data on the card securely held, protected by layers of access security, unlike a magnetic stripe card the data is not easily corrupted by magnetic or strong electrical fields.

There are four main categories of smart cards, all of which are evolving rapidly into new markets and applications

  • Contact Cards (e.g. 4442/4428)
  • Contactless Cards (e.g. Mifare 1K/4k)
  • Microprocessor Cards (e.g Bank Cards, Subscriber Cards)
  • Dual Interface Cards (containing both contact and contactless functionality)

Plastic smart cards are used in a number of applications across a range of sectors including banking, hotels, catering, travel, healthcare, and the public sector.


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